Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pamela's Place

Name: Stephanie

What is your eBay ID and how did you come up with
it? lilangels*boutiquestyle.....when I first strated in the boutique world here on ebay I knew I needed a boutique name. At that time my plan for the business was to put designs at our then present church store so I wanted a name that represented Christ. The lord then moved us to a different church but the name stuck!!

How long have you been designing?
I have been designing for almost 2 years now!!

Do you remember the first custom you sold on eBay? I dont.....LOL

Where does your inspiration come from? Id love to say my daughter but I would be lying....LOL The Giggle Girls are my inspiration!! This is an AWESOME group of ladies with SOOOO much talent and I look up to everyone!! Everytime I get strated on a new set I think of everyone in the group and all the awesome designs and it inspires me to put forth everything I have into that particular set!!

What is your favorite style to make? I dont really have a favorite style but I find myself making twirl sets the most. I dont use patterns but have been learning lately and slowely adding new styles so I am sure I will have a favorite soon!!!

What is you favorite custom set you have made? I happen to LOVE everything I have made so I dont really have a favorite. I am in love with shabby chic styles so I am sure when the giggles girls do their shabby launch in July I will fall in love with something I make for it!! Be sure to keep an eye out for all our great launches at the end of each month!!

What else would you like to share with us? I just wanted to thank the Giggle Girls for allowing me to be part of this awesome group!! You ladies are great and I cant imagine my life without all of you!!

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ourlittlemissthing said...

Steph, I just love ya!!!


love me, Steph, your 1/2 half! lol