Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wake Up Call

I posted this on my other blog...but wanted to share on this one too...I thought it was rather funny!

We have teenagers, and a security system...that they do not have the code for. You do the math. My husband Kelley set the alarm last night as he does every night, not realizing that I did not have to be up at my normal 6am. In which I normally disarm at that time so the kids can go to school. Well, this morning as I am snuggled down in my bed, I am awaken by this horrendous shrill scream! Automatically I realized that the alarm was going crazy...then I realized that Alexis (12yo) was screaming over and over again because she didn't know that the alarm was set. She came running up the stairs screaming at the top of her lungs...hysterically, I might add. I ran down the steps and disarmed the alarm and then sat on the steps and laughed until I cried.
I'm not sure anyone else thought it was as funny as I did.....but that's why I'm the mom!!!

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