Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pamela's Place Interview Sept. 16th


Name: Rebecca Geelan

What is your eBay ID and how did you come up with it?
My ID is Snugglefrogs and I came up with that because of my son. When he was a baby we lived in WY and were away from all our family. I started a website to keep them updated with pictures and when thinking of the name I went by him. He always loved to snuggle and LOVES frogs... So I came up with Snugglefrogs. We no longer have that website, but I can't get rid of the ID.

How long have you been buying customs on eBay?
About a year.

Do you remember the first custom you bought on eBay?
Yes. A couple of halter style 'princess' twirl dress... The seller forgot to mention that they had to be pulled on over the hips and only asked for waist measurements. My girls hips are bigger than their waists!!! So I wound up having to alter the dresses so my girls could wear them.

What is you favorite custom set you have bought?
I think my favorite has to be the skull dress that Steph made. We get compliments on it all the time and all I can say is that it takes a special talent to make skulls look so cute and girlie!

Do you get caught up in the bidding war thing?
I am VICIOUS! But having 3 kids and limited income I have to keep myself in check sometimes! I have been known to get up at all hours to win an auction I really wanted though!

Where do you like your lables placed on your customs?
No preference as long as it does not detract from the appearance of the outfit.

What pieces do you like to be included in a set?
I go for mostly dresses with tops and pants with them. My girls have no modesty so the pants are kind of a necessity... lol!

How long do you think is reasonable to wait on a custom set?
I think 2 weeks is reasonable. I can understand up to 3 as sometimes life happens and the seller just can't get it done any sooner. However if it's a normal occurrence for it to take 3 or more weeks maybe the seller needs to take a step back from selling and get caught up and set limits for themselves on how much they can accept at a time. *I am ducking now to avoid being hit by the things being thrown at me... lol!*

How do you like your customs packaged?
Any way that gets them to me safely!

How far in advance do you shop for holiday sets?
Hmm maybe a month before the holiday... I'm not a huge advance planner... The one time I did plan way in advance it wound up screwing me over because after 7 weeks the seller never finished the set!!! I had to rush myself to make outfits 2 days before the needed date, then fight to get a refund! FWIW, that seller is no longer on Ebay...

What else would you like to share with us?
If at first you don't succeed... Ditch the pattern and just cut it out yourself!!!

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